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Apart from the inconveniences involved, airport parking fees and other costs incurred in driving and picking staff from the airport can pile up unnoticed. With Airport Limos Toronto services, your company or business can put all the concerns about travels and transfers aside and focus on its main core business activity.

We offer airport pick-up and meet and greet services at affordable costs. Our chauffeurs will receive your guests and staff and transport them to agreed destinations.

To enjoy our services, open a corporate account today. It will save you on cost of transferring staff or business persons to and from the airport or the cost of travelling to attend special events and meetings.

We want to be associated with the reputable brands because we are a top brand too in the limo service business. Get a corporate account and start enjoying the benefits.

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Advantages of having a corporate account with Airport Limos Toronto:

  • At Airmax, executive sedans are not much more expensive than a taxi cab

  • Hustle and airport parking fees are avoided

  • Special discounts and priority service

  • Your option of monthly billing

In the cutting edge business of corporate limo services, there are a lot of service providers to choose from. Therefore, choosing the best limo service provider can be quite hectic. Here are a few steps to getting the best corporate limousine service.


While searching for the best limo service, reliability is a key aspect. They should not only provide amazing customer service but also be reliable. It should be guaranteed that they will always pick you up and drop you off. Whether it is your special day or simply want to live the good life for a day, it all should be made special.

Corporate luxury limos can fit up to 14 people, bring the party and have the time of your life. It is a sure thing that skilled staff will take you anywhere you want and bring you home safe.


The best limo service should take pride in setting the bar and going beyond your expectations. In order to stay the best, they should ensure that their fleet is top-notch and up to date. The limos are equipped with state of the art GPS systems. The staff should build quality relationship with their customers and value their opinion.

The last thing you should worry about is your ride. You should be certain that you will receive treatment that you have never experienced before. Everything they do should be centered around giving you quality service.

Corporate Rates

Not only should they offer top notch services, but also offer you competitive rates. Nothing is much better than quality service at affordable rates. Customer service should be a top priority, with a team of friendly chauffeurs and customer service to take care of your service needs. The company should provide competitive rates on top of the best customer service.

Be sure to find a service provider that will ensure that you get outstanding value for your money. Great rates and excellent discounts, as well as more regular service for executives, customers and employees are some features you can expect as a corporate customer.

Wide-range of Corporate Services

It includes special occasions like weddings. Ladies, most of the times envision being whisked away to a wedding not just by their dream guys but also a vehicle of her dreams. There are wedding limo service plans that can make the unique nuptial day certainly a day to keep in mind for a lifetime.

Rent a corporate limo to enhance your bond while at the same time taking this time to enjoy the intimate moments. Also dealing with other special occasions, the finest method to handle this is to rent a limo. For more corporate gigs, why not ride in a luxury stretch limo.

Whether you are preparing for a wedding or a company celebration, the best limo services should be quick to offer quality services. They should work hard to make your corporate limo rental experience satisfying and memorable. Therefore, even ordinary celebrations can end up being a grand show of elegance and finesse with the right touch.

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